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Auditoriums & Meeting Venues

"Beautiful to behold, but how does it sound?" Auditoriums and Houses of Worship require carefully designed sound systems to ensure that the spoken word is clearly heard by everyone in the audience. To ensure the correct selection and placement of loudspeakers, BOSE have the Modeller and Auditioner, tools that allow a system designer to accurately predict - and demonstrate - the performance of a sound system in a venue, even if the building has not yet been built.


In addition to BOSE loudspeakers, we offer a comprehensive selection of pro audio products, ranging from cordless microphones, mixing desks and amplifiers to sophisticated digital processing units and digital audio distribution systems.

Feel free to contact us for no-obligation advice on any project that you are involved with - we will be delighted to assist!

Ukhahlamba District Municipality

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BOSCH CCS800 dicussion system installed for District Council.


Encgobo Council Chamber

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Avitech installs conference and audiovisual systems for the Encgobo Council chamber

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