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REMRAD Radio Link

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Your direct link to emergency services.

For the first time in South Africa you can install a highly sophisticated system that will help ensure a prompt and 'knowledge based' response in the event of an emergency or security situation occurring on your premises. Locally developed, the system provides a 24-hour a day link to your local Fire an Emergency Services AND to participating security companies.Remrad1

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The importance of such a system, coming at a time when both insurance ratesin eneral and the threat of violent crime are increasing, will not be lost on the discerning executive who seeks to minimise the disruption to the business of an accident, fire, explosion, criminal or other incident.

In other words, you expect them to be well briefed just as you yourself are briefed before an important business meeting. REMRAD materially assists these crucial areas.

It is the first and only system that communicates directly with a fully-fledged Computerised EMERGENCY SERVICES SYSTEM (ESS) installed in the response centre of your local Fire Department and or Security Company. ESS was developed by Sysman Public Safety Systems and is installed in participating Fire Departments around South Africa.

Immediately an alarm is activated REMRAD will transmit the alarm’s location and incident type by radio. The local fire department system will be programmed to respond to certain incident types, the security company to others. Under certain conditions both may respond.

The ESS system, within the response centre, is aware of the type of incident that has ocurred; its location; special plans that have been previously formulated to deal with that incident type; which vehicles and crews to despatch; the quickest route to the site etc.

What do I need?
The REMRAD system entails the installation of a REMote RADio Alarm Detection Unit on your site.A site can be a factory, office block, shopping complex and hospital or, in fact, any premises involving potential areas of risk.

REMRAD comprises a Central Control Unit, a separate Desktop Telecom Unit (incl. Speaker, Microphone and Alarm Panel)an an antenna.

The REMRAD Central Control Unit is housed in an industrial weatherproof enclosure, is wall mounted and connects to a user-supplied 220 volt, 15 amp electrical socket.

The REMRAD Desktop Telecom Unit may be mounted next to, or remote from, the main unit. It is connected to the main unit by a multicore cable that also provides the 12-volt power it requires.

The antenna is roof mounted and connects to the Central Control Unit using type RG213/U coaxial cable

How does it work?
The REMRAD unit may be interfaced with existing fire and emergency detection systems provided these are connected to the REMRAD system at the time of installation. This method of operation ensures the automatic transmission of alarms.

Where no existing alarm systems are installed, or to manually operate the unit, security staff may depress one of a number of buttons on the Alarm Panel of the Desktop Telecom Unit. Buttons are labeled according to type of incident, that is, FIRE and AMBULANCE. A SPEECH button is also provided which permits two-way voice contact with the response centre. The REMRAD unit communicates with a similar unit at the response centre, which in turn, is connected into their ESS computer system. 

The computer system automatically knows the location of the alarm and the type of incident in progress. Confirmation as to the extent of the problem may be obtained via the voice option should the incident premises be manned at the time. Using its prestored information together with the above, the computer is able to recommend the dispatch of certain vehicles and crews while simultaneously printing comprehensive information to accompany crews to the incident location. Teams arriving at the premises are thus fully briefed.

The whole procedure may be completed in a matter of seconds due to the advanced design of the system. Information provided to the teams could contain, as appropriate : Incident details; Hydrant locations; Premises Information; Route Map (to the incident); Special Risks; Predetermined actions or Checklist procedures.

 How does REMRAD communicate?
The ‘conversation’ between REMRAD and the response centre’s computer is based on the use of Radio Waves as against Telkom telephone lines. This ensures a greater level of reliability, lower cost and high-speed communications.
What is the purpose of voice communication?
The REMRAD unit allows the control room operator to establish immediate voice contact with your staff in the event of an alarm being activated, through the provision of an attached
Intercom Unit. This allows your staff to give fuller details of the incident as well as to advise false alarms. Similarly, your staff may request voice contact with the response centre through the depression of the SPEECH button on the REMRAD unit.

During those periods your site is unmanned, the control room operator will respond according to the type of alarm indicated by the system.

How do I know the system is working?
The computer system regularly checks the REMRAD unit to ensure it’s corrects functioning. Similarly, the unit constantly checks itself and is also protected from electrical mains failure through the incorporation of a 24-hour life, battery back-up unit.In the event of a fault being detected, the response centre’s computer system will issue an instruction to the control room operator in order that the necessary actions and remedial work may be undertaken.

Locally, REMRAD has been installed at a number of Municipal and Government buildings, as well as on Corporate sites like SA Breweries, Ford, Plascon, ABSA, Makro, MTN and Spar.

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